Going Natural! The Top 3 Benefits of Switching to Natural Band-Aids

Minor and severe injuries are a natural part of life. When they happen, you need to have the right first aid tools to help control the bleeding and prevent pathogens from worsening the wound. There are countless types of band-aids in the market, which makes selecting one complex. The newest choice that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years is natural band-aids. These come from materials like beeswax. [Read More]

5 Items to Add to Your Natural First Aid Kit

Are you looking for natural, eco-friendly ways to treat minor complaints? Creating a natural first aid kit is a great way to prepare for common issues like cuts, bruises, and insect bites. All of the items below should be easy to find at your local natural health store, and they won't cost the earth. 1. Bamboo Band-Aids Band-aids are great to have around, but aren't always eco-friendly. Most regular band-aids are made of PVC, a type of plastic that won't break down and will instead go to landfills. [Read More]